Carol Nicole Decorative
Painting And Murals
This page is dedicated to the creation of Tubby's, a 50's style
club, and The Wooden Nickel General Store, along with the 755
Club; which we recently completed for the property association in
Geneva National!
Here are a few pictures showing our progress,
with more to be
loaded soon!
These are a few Before pictures.
before pic of Tubbus in Geneva National
As you can see above, the original general theme was a dark gold and
medium brown, with green accents.
The following pictures show our progress!  We not only painted the
murals and lettering, but also chose and painted the 50's style
colors.  This was truly the most fun that we have had on any
Tubby's Restaurant
beginning stages of building their logo Tubby's
clos4e up of Tubby's face
close up of lettering for Tubby's
Italian Plaster Rooms
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Venetian Plaster samples
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The Finished restaurant!  Notice the little details, like the
notes over the jute box.  How much fun is this!!!!!!
The Wooden Nickel General Store
Famous Faces
Furniture Restoration
The yellow polka dot bikini girl is
painted on the door of the ladies
restroom of the Swim & Racket Club.
We painted
Chicago style
brick on the
walls of the
Wooden Nickel
general store
in the Swim &
Racket Club.
Here you
see the sky
line of
Everyone loved the final
look of Tubby's.  It really
feels like you stepped
back in time.
There isn't
one square
inch that we
did not
paint!  Even
the back
stands 7
feet tall.
Texture Samples
Room Finishes
Pool Mural
Indian Statue
Golf Room
Concrete marble
Church Mural
Scotish Highlands