This is our Column and Marble page.  Any surface can be made to look like old
world marble, granite, slate, or any other stone surface.
The group of columns below demonstrates the various stages of the painting
process.  On the right are some samples of marbling techniques used.
First layer of color
applied to white
plastic columns,
purchased at local
home store.
Here I am in the middle
stages of applying
multiple layers of
colored glazes to
accomplish a realistic
looking marble.
The black and metallic
colors are in the middle
stages on the column
base and cap.  I wanted to
match the black granite
top on the kitchen
The base and tops are just
about complete.  Just one
more coat of glazes and the
story will be told.
Before the Faux stone finish
was applied to the top
portion of the drywalled
arch section.
We have just
started to rough
in the Faux stone
work on the
upper arches.
This is a two color
marble treatment on a
plastic flower stand, with
a pot tray on top to give
height to the stand.  
After the upper Faux
stone finish was applied
to the drywall arches.
An overall view of the
completed columns
with completed Faux
stone arch technique.
We are at the middle stages
of the project on the left.
This is the before stage
of what will become 14
matching columns.
Here are the
before and
after of two
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Here are some of
the columns
installed, waiting
for the last coats
of clear.
50's Style Club
These pictures show Faux details done over
arches.  All work is hand painted.
The exterior columns are painted to match the
outside color with the caps and bottoms painted
to match the copper gutters.
Exterior columns
before Faux Marble.
Columns After
Faux treatment.
Six columns were done to match
the granite counters, cherry
cabinets, and the copper ceiling.
Double click to pictures
to enlarge.
A night time view
with furnishings
The base and cap of each
column was painted to match
the copper getters, with a patina.
I hand painted the key
stones and Faux stone
carving with a glaze a
little darker than my initial
glaze and added
Pool Room Mural
Golf Room
Furniture Restoration
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