Furniture refinishing is just one more art form for me.  I work on
contemporary, as well as antique pieces.  In order to do the best
possible job, I will use oil based paints/stains on pieces that have high
traffic, or were originally finished with oil based products.  But for a
more fun effect, acrylics can also be used.  It's all in the prep.
This group of photos shows a piece about 100 yrs old which had a
great deal of worm hole damage as well as a damaged claw foot.  I
restructured the wood, painted it to match the old wood and
reattached the old claw foot. I also reattached several trim pieces
which had come off.
This is a very old piece.  The claw
foot was damaged and had to be
removed, the under side  
reinforced, repainted, and claw foot
These are more examples
of touch-ups and
With this restoration project I took
the modern finish and turned it
into an antique Ice Box look a like.
The stove hood was new and made
to look antique to match the
kitchen island.
Each of these pieces have
had touch-ups to repair
nicks and other damage.
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This table had a white water
mark form a wet towel.  Not any
The bottom of this very old piece
was completely worm hole ridden.  
It was necessary to reinforce it so
that it was strong enough to
receive the claw foot again.
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