Tinted plaster
brings a warm glow
to this kitchen.  
-Geneva National,
Incredibly beautiful, this 3 color
with gold Venetian Plaster room
just Glows!  - Nippersink, WI-
A metallic silver green is just the
thing!  - Nippersink, WI-
This is the other side of
the Metallic silver
green bathroom.
Truly romantic, this 2 tone red, with
gold, is a warm and cozy retreat.  
- Nippersink, WI-
Another view of
the room to the left.
Different views of the 3
color plus gold,
Almost too pretty for
a bathroom?  Not!
Welcome to the Venetian Plaster Page!  These are just a few of the
rooms                    that we have done.  There are more pictures to come soon!
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Venetian Plaster also
makes a great finish
for a contemporary
interior.  -Chicago, IL-
This is the same room as on
the left, with a different
mirror.  See how this
changes the look of the room.
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50's Style Club
This is the same room as
above. The red makes
the copper glow!
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