Welcome to our reference page.  We have posted a few of the many
references that we have received from satisfied customers.  Their  
rooms are also on our site for you to view.   More letters to come soon!
Wanted to thank you both for the wonderful job you did on the 6 columns you "marbleized"
for us in our Great Room.    They look absolutely like real marble.   I have to try and keep
everyone from touching them now!

Carol - you did an excellent job on creating stone looking arches connecting the columns.  It
looks like the columns are now holding up the walls.  The arches look 3 dimensional and
again, hard to believe its a flat surface.

The first room you enter is the Great Room and the columns and arches are an artwork
display in itself.   My thanks to you both for a job beyond words.    I wish you both success
and will certainly be calling you again.   
Marita & Greg  

MODIFIED MARBLE (3 rooms) - Illinois:
To whom it may concern;
We had Carol and Leroy work on our house last spring and fell in love with their work. They
are truly artists. Their Faux paint techniques are the best we've ever seen by far. Carol is
almost like a magician with her paint and brush.

Everyone visiting our house tells us how beautiful our walls look, and we have Carol and
Leroy to thank for that. Not only did they do an amazing job but also they were dependable,
honest, and hardworking. They have great work attics, and anyone will be lucky to have them
work in their house.

Our best regards;
Brad and Basak Pratt
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