Just a few completed rooms by
6 layer tainted faux finish in metallics in master bathroom
Take a look at a few of our finished projects!
hand painted columns to look like marble with black andn metallic base and crown
suede paint in conference room with matching ceiling
Contemporary with
a  warm rich glow,
this 5 layer metallic
finish is amazing!  
-Geneva National-
Rich and lush ,
Suede is just
the thing for
this  conference
room in Lake
Geneva, WI.
Even plastic
columns and plain
drywall can look
like the real thing.  
3 color wet in wet paint technique with hand painted cracks
Not just a fireplace
anymore!  But an
extension of the
Dinning room
below.  -Lake In The
Hills, IL-
A metallic finish gives a
modern contemporary
look that compliments the
furnishings.  -Watertown,
mediterain five color glaze technique in master bedroom
Looking for
something special;  
so European?  Try
this 2 tone, 2 layer
Antique glaze .-Lake
In The Hills, IL-
full room mural in tile store in illinois, including clouds and sky ceiling muraling
This is one our remodeling
projects.  We installed all of the  
walls and ceilings to the first floor
of a water damaged home.  
-Browns Lake, WI-
A modern but
Mediterranean look
in a 5 color wash.  
See how it glows!  
-Geneva National, WI-
Stately, Classic,
Antique, and just
plain beautiful,
Faux Marble and
-Watertown, WI-
Ever wanted a
Tuscan courtyard
of your own?  This
Tile store owner
did.  -Libertyville,
We can even enhance
your favorite art work
with our Faux
-Nippersink, WI-
The beginnings of a
theater room in red
suede.  -Geneva
National, WI-
High ceilings?  No
problem!  We can handle
them!  -Geneva National, WI-
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hand painted outlet cover to match real granit counter tops
When white plastic switch plate covers
just won't do, we will match them to any
surface.  Geneva National, WI-
Sometimes it's the small
details that can make a
room special!  The
Bathroom is accented in
copper leaves on top of
a Faux finish.  -Geneva
National, WI-
Tips and Tricks
The bathroom of all
, a 6
layer metallic
treatment.  Perfect
in candle light.  
-Geneva National-
More of our fabulous walls
and window installation!  
-Browns                Lake, WI-
Columns and Marble
This hand painted  wall
is in an Oriental style
Bathroom. -Harbor
Dr,            Chicago, IL-
red silver tone technique in bathroom sitting area
This Faux treatment
has a special top coat
added for an extra
zing. - Nippersink, WI-
This 5 layer painted
technique is
stunning!  -Geneva
National, WI-
Italian Plaster Finished Rooms
50's Style Club
five color wet in wet paint technique in powder room
hand applied decorative plaster of wysteria on walls
hand painted columns with metallic base and crown
rich glaze over knock down plaster with hand painted mural of stone trim
3 color glaze on knock down plaster walls
brown glaze over knock down plaster oveer fire place
two color wet in wet technique on tray ceiling
5 layer metallic finish on master bathroom ceiling
metallic application on master bathroom walls
Famous Faces
Furniture Restoration
Concrete Marble
Church Mural
Golf Room
Indian Statue
Pool Room
Scottage Highlands Mural
full room mural I painted in a gallery in Rockport Tx
I did a full room faux finish and full
ceiling mural of a colorful sky with
clouds in Rockport Tx.
ceiling mural of sky in Rockport Tx
hand painted mural of sky on paper tile ceiling