This page is dedicated to a full room Trompe l'Oeil of the Scottish
bottom left of scottish highlands mural
front of ceiling of scottish highlands mural
close up of chipmonk by the floor of mural
close up of butter fly and roses in mural
sky of scottish highland mural
right corner of scottish highlands mural
center view of scottish highlands mural
right center corner of scottish highlands mural
beautiful red scottish highland cows for mural
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This Mural/Trompe l'oeil was a very special project for a very special family in Geneva National.  It is not often
that I get such a creative client that lets me "Have At It."  Her passion is the Scottish Highlands and her request
was that everything be authentically Scottish.  So I did my homework!
Starting from the top and working down, as all artists do, I painted the ceiling and moved down 3 walls, all the
way down to the floor.  While she did install small marble tiles, she insisted that I paint onto the tiles in order to
include them into the mural.  I painted the tiles to look as if flowers and moss were growing onto them.  The
best part is the grand children sit in the room on pillows and just day dream!!!
The front left corner of
Upper central portion
of mural.
center view of scottish mural
This is a middle section of the
Scottish mural, highlighting the
central gate to the open pastures.
The Scots have the most beautiful
red cows.
This is the right entral portioon of
the mural.
This is the left central
corner of the mural.
Here we have a close up
of the left central portion.
Right side of Scottish Highlands
Here you can see the bottom portions of the mural, with a
close up of the chipmunk
, mouse, chick, and floor.
This is a close up of the
famous Scottish Highlands
cat.  It is the only feline in
the world that cant can be
At this point I have added more
Scottish anamils.
Venetian Plaster
This is the upper back section of
the sky.
bottom right side of Scottish Highlands Mural
Scottish Highland mouse and flowers
There must be sheep in any Scottish
Scottish Highlands Wild Cat
left view of Scottish Highlands Mural
Left view of the mural.