Welcome to the Mural page.  These are just a few of our projects.  If you are looking for
original art, or for that "One of a Kind"  Mural or Trompe l'Oeil for your home or business,  feel
free to contact us with your questions, comments, suggestions, or requests at:     
Mural of Humphry Bogart
Yep, this is me hard at
work.  Just another day
at the office!
mural with arches
close up of Boggie's hand in the mural
close up of curved wall mural
mural of a wine barrel on a curved wall
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50's Style Club
another wall of full room mural
Mural of a California scene in a wisconsin home
mural with surf boards
one wall of a full room mural
free hand painting of flowers
Ceiling mural of sky and clouds
I painted several murals at "Park Place" in
Fontana, WI., but Boggie and the curved
barrel wall are my favorites.
Below are pictures of a full room mural for a
home in Geneva National, Lake Geneva, WI.
This is a 20 ft by 22ft ceiling
mural, 24 ft in the air.
Mural of an old English Pub sign
The client wanted an old
English style sign for the
entrance of their bar.
Mural of Marilyn Monroe
I love Marilyn.  She almost came to life in
this one.  This is a 5' x 7' oval mural with a
metallic background.
Furniture Restoration
Famous Faces
Church Mural
Concrete Marble
Golf Room
Indian Statue
Pool Room Mural
small portion of a large mural of a golf course
full mural of the 18th hole on a golf course
This is the club house of the
golf course, which is about 2
sq feet of the mural.
this is one wall of the full room
mural, which includes the
mural of Rodney Dangerfield
Rodney is on the opposite wall
as the golf course.
before the faux marble
after the faux marble finish
The white painted trim
before the marble Faux
The trim after the Mable
Faux finish.
sky mural near back door of gallery
part of ceiling mural of sky and clouds
side view of sky mural
hand painted light house and boat on a turkey dinner plate
I hand painted this
scene on a turkey
dinner plate for a
close up of sky mural on ceiling
I have just begun the process of
faux finishing and muraling in
this gallery in Rockport Tx.
faux finish and sky mural in gallery near front door
This is the finished project. The
only thing I did not paint was the
side view of faux ffinish and sky mural in Rockport