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Welcome to our
Texture Page.

Sometimes paint alone
is not enough to convey
the feeling of OLD
WORLD architecture.  
But which texture is
right for your look?  We
can help you pick the
right texture and color
for your decor by using
Top of the Line products
in the latest techniques.
Texture gives incredible depth and life to walls
that color alone can not!
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When real Lime stone is not in
the budget, try our version for
that high-end look.
Try a Victorian look with
multiple colors over a soft
texture and added plaster detail.
Marble can be polished or
rough.  This is a sample of
polished pink.
Wet in Wet washes are our
speciality.  This is a 5 color
Plaster is perfect for a
dramatic look.
For depth, this 2 layer 3
color finish is without
This is another example of
our marble collection.  Truly
Antique leather is soft yet
timeless; perfect for a study.
Rich in
texture and
Even Plaster
can be modern
Soft, yet
Blue Metallic, as
beautiful as the
Italian Plaster Finished Rooms
50's Style Club
Famous Faces
Furniture Restoration
Concrete Marble
Golf Room
Pool Room Mural
Indian Statue
Church Mural
Scottage Highland Mural